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My clients often come to me frustrated and not knowing where to turn. Many of them have never been involved in the legal process before, and frankly are not even sure of their rights, or even if they have a claim to pursue. If that is your situation, you need an experienced litigation attorney to work with you to advocate for your rights. Whether you are in a business dispute, were fired or have some other issue relating to your employment, or were injured on the job or through the fault of someone else, I can help you.

I represented insurance companies on these exact types of claims for over 8 years. As such, I know how they think, and what tactics they use to keep settlements as low as possible. Now that I left the 'big firm' and have moved on to start helping individuals and small businesses, I use that knowledge to fight back and obtain the settlement or resolution that you deserve.

I never charge a fee to speak with you initially. You deserve to know whether you have a claim worth pursuing before you have to make such an important decision as to if you plan to use a lawyer, and if so, if which lawyer you will use. I will sit down with you or chat with you on the phone about whether we would be a good fit to work together. In addition, my policy is only to take cases where at the end of the day, you will recover more even after my fees than you would had you tried to proceed against the wrongdoer and/or their insurance company yourself. I always tell potential and current clients that insurance companies do this for a living, and they know all the tricks and things to say to make you believe you're being unreasonable. By having an experienced lawyer on your behalf, those same people know those tactics will not work in your case.

Speaking of communicating with you, my policy is to speak with clients directly, so when you call, you will be talking to me, not an assistant. I will give you an honest assessment of the value of your claim throughout litigation, and will be upfront about the strengths and weaknesses of your particular case. I will also return your calls, texts, and e-mails within 24 hours...even if I have no new information to tell you, at the very least it will be to reassure you that I am pursuing your claim.

Think you are too far away from metro Atlanta to use me? Although many of my cases are in fact in and around the Atlanta area, I handle cases throughout Georgia, including but not limited to Atlanta, Athens, Gainesville, Dalton, Savannah, Valdosta, Albany, Waycross, and Macon. With the use of e-mail, mail and fax machines, almost everything in your claim can be done remotely. Although I prefer to meet my clients face to face, I do have clients that have no interest in coming all the way into Atlanta and prefer to communicate about their cases by phone and electronic means. It is up to you!

Even if your claim does not involve a business matter, workers' compensation, employment or personal injury, I can still help. Through my years of experience, and as a member of the Georgia Trial Lawyers' Association, I have established a network of other expert attorneys in areas as diverse as DUI law, patent law, child support, probate and divorce matters that I can put you in touch with, again with no cost to you for the referral. Therefore, whatever your legal needs, please give me a call.

Law Office of David Scott Thompson
Georgia Business Litigation, Workers' Compensation, Personal Injury and Employment Attorney

2860 Piedmont Rd, NE Suite 230 Atlanta, GA 30305-2819

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Types of cases I handle:

Workers Compensation

Occupational Disease Injuries

Catastrophic Claims

Lost Wages

Wrongful Termination

Overtime Wage Law Claims

Sexual Harassment Claims

Personal Injuries

Slip & Falls

Employment & Labor

Toxic Tort

Environmental Litigation

Auto Accidents

Dog Bite Claims

Tractor Trailer Accidents

Wrongful Death

Uninsured Motorist Accidents

Premises Liability

Trip & Fall

Injuries at Work

Apartment Rape Cases

Business Disputes

Contract Disputes