The Law Offices of David Scott Thompson

Specializing in Business Litigation, Employment Law, Personal Injury, and Workers' Compensation

My services can be paid for in a manner of different methods.  

- For workers' compensation claims, by law I can take only 25% of what I recover for you, and only after the Court approves the fee.  

- For personal injury claims, I charge on a sliding contingency scale, meaning upon settlement or a jury verdict, I take a certain percentage of your recovery.  The scale is based upon the specific circumstances of the claim, and whether or not we have to proceed to a jury trial.  

- For employment and business-related litigation, again depending on the specific situation, I charge either a percentage contingency fee, or I can charge by the hour.  Again, this depends on the type of work I am providing for you as well as what makes sense based upon the financial stakes of the claim.  

Remember, for contingency-fee cases, you will never pay me directly.  I don't recover unless you do, so it is in my best interest to work as hard as possible for you.  I like to discuss all fees and costs upfront with you, so there is no surprise when we finally resolve your claim.  
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